Restructuring and Turnaround

Many companies can face financial challenges or operational issues at some time. PPB Advisory works with multiple stakeholders to determine and implement the best options to enable the continuity and success of a business.

We bring extensive experience to conduct strategic reviews and advise clients on enterprise enhancement and/or workouts.

We advise companies, financiers and individuals facing financial challenges. In many cases, if issues are identified and addressed early, businesses and livelihoods can be recovered. Individuals can move on, free from the financial burdens they have faced and financiers can proceed with greater certainty in the strength of their investments.

PPB Advisory has a wealth of experience in company restructuring, refinancing and successful asset sales and divestments - focused on ensuring businesses' success.

Just as importantly, at PPB Advisory, we listen. We build relationships with people based on genuine rapport. Being able to have frank and open conversations means that we can work with our clients and their stakeholders to generate ideas and collaborate to reach the best possible outcomes.

PPB Advisory’s expertise in managing businesses provides us with unique insights into how best to retain and enhance a company’s value, reputation, customers and employees.

We understand the interplay between risk, debt, business operations and other key factors that underpin a company’s success and how best to achieve the right balance between these factors.

Our solutions include:

  • strategic advice and planning
  • financial modelling
  • performance improvement
  • risk management
  • transaction advice
  • crisis stabilisation and viability reviews
  • financial and operational restructuring
  • refinancing
  • sale of assets and divestments.

PPB Advisory is proud to be a member of INSOL International's Group of Thirty-Six.