Australia's rich primary resources have given rise to world-class agricultural industries with an enviable reputation for the quality, competitiveness and innovation of its farmers, established supply chains and related infrastructure, as well as enjoying low sovereign risk.

Investing in Australian agribusiness makes sense

  • compelling global macro factors: population growth, demographic changes, urbanisation, consumption trends and trade liberalisation
  • competitive risk-adjusted returns with limited correlation to, and lower volatility than, mainstream assets and a proven store of value during inflationary periods
  • minimal sovereign risk and strong rule of law
  • world leading production efficiency
  • strong global rankings in subsector export categories
  • the industry needs capital – this presents opportunities for astute investors

We can help navigate the complex agribusiness landscape

Our dedicated rural and agribusiness team comprises specialists with backgrounds and direct experience in rural and agribusiness operations. Sensitive to the specific economic and human impacts of rural enterprises, the team has extensive experience managing and resolving the complex issues confronting agribusinesses.

Our experience

  • Asset management – we currently manage more than $300 million of agricultural assets around Australia across a range of commodities covering approximately one million hectares.
  • Operational experience – we have been an agriculture specialist for 15 years and can tailor an agricultural investment portfolio to suit an investor’s requirements. Our in-house capability with hands-on, large-scale property management experience and specialist industry knowledge caters for all agribusiness situations in an efficient and cost-effective manner.
  • Strong governance focus – our governance and reporting structures have a 30 year history, are central to our relations with investors and mean we are regarded as a ‘safe pair of hands’.
  • Control and use of other people’s money – we understand that it is your money. We manage your assets within robust decision making processes and investment guidelines. We are transparent about the nature of our relationships and resolve any conflicts of interest (real, perceived or potential), ethically and transparently.


  • Strategy development – we develop strategies for investors to invest in this asset class and act as trusted local adviser.
  • Transaction services – we advise throughout the life cycle of a transaction including buy-side, sell-side and post-deal asset management.
  • Deal flow – our strong relationships with agribusiness owners and investors enable us to facilitate investment opportunities in the industry and provide access to a unique and unparalleled deal flow, including significant off-market transactions.
  • Asset management – we originate and manage agribusiness investments to suit an investor’s investment objectives. We have a track record in managing operations, reviewing all cost lines and driving significant operational savings to improve profitability. We achieve this whilst maintaining and enhancing the quality of the underlying property.
  • Debt and corporate restructuring – we work with established operators to optimise their funding structures, and facilitate additional or alternate financial arrangements.
  • Strategic advice – regardless of whether a business is in the emerging, growth or mature stages of its business life cycle, we advise on business drivers and profitability, benchmarking, management performance enhancement and divestment strategies.
  • Restructuring and turnaround advice – we provide agribusiness operators and secured lenders with cost-effective and innovative restructuring solutions. We conduct independent business reviews, facilitate business improvement plans and undertake formal insolvency arrangements.