Energy and Utilities

Australia and New Zealand have one of the most advanced energy markets in the world. Reforms over the past 15+ years has placed the industry in a good position to deal with the transformation underway from older technologies to new developing technologies. This is an environment where customers are increasingly demanding more.

It is well recognised that the energy and utilities industry must evolve from its reliance on fossil fuels towards newer technology based solutions.


Global research indicates that the transformation underway is essentially running at two speeds - the old world of the traditional utility is meeting the new world of a totally reimagined energy value chain. The traditional environment is faced with the imperatives of managing large infrastructure assets such as those that exist in the generation transmission and distribution sectors. The new utility world is the opposite. It is typically based on digital products that help manage how energy is consumed and transported. New innovations, disruptors and business models are emerging in this arena. The commercial model and market launch method for these new products means market participants need to be much more agile as the various disruptors affect the market.

Our expertise

Our team is immersed in these transformational issues dealing with the challenges of both traditional and new environments. In the traditional environment our experience includes:

  • assisting clients understand the best approaches to manage assets, using Value Based Management techniques
  • improving utility operational effectiveness through technologies
  • regulatory submission
  • strategy development such as Smart Grid
  • operating model design and implementation
  • using big data approaches that provide insights for targeted performance improvements
  • customer retention strategies.

In the new utility environment our cross functional teams provide expertise to:

  • create and fund new commercial offers in the market – idea creation to implementation value
  • new product development based on global research
  • collaboration across the value chain to develop commercial and operating models that deliver new products to market
  • develop new business models quickly based on a comprehensive understanding of customer needs and aspirations.